Small is beautiful, too

A few years ago, I went to buy a new bra and was horrified to discover that I had dropped an entire cup size.

A whole cup size! And it’s not like I had enough to spare!

It happens to women, that our breasts can, well, shrink. And it’s not something we look forward to.

But thankfully there’s growing pride in small breasts.

A new blog, Small Bust Big Heart written by woman proud of her 32AA, is a testament to this new-found pride in compact boobs.

And there are more lingerie companies catering to the small-breasted customer, even developing entire lines for AAA- to A-cup sizes. Take Lula Lu, a lingerie Web site and boutique in San Mateo, Calif. Its owner, Ellen Shing, told the New York Times that most of her customers are “happy with their bodies.”

“It’s a misconception still that you want to be bigger if you’re smaller,” she said. (She wears a 36AA.)

While Hollywood has long been blamed for promoting the super-size breasts, there are more and more celebrities — Kiera Knightley, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman, Ellen Pompeo, Cameron Diaz, Katie Holmes — who are small and proud.

So what do you think about small boobs? Underrated? Or is bigger still better?

Small-Breasted Celebs

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