Should moms and daughters be best friends?

Last Friday I caught the first installment in a series on NBC’s “Today” about relationships between mothers and daughters.

This one focused on the question: should moms and daughters be best friends?

More than half — 57 percent — of responders to an iVillage poll said no, that it’s not OK for moms and daughters to be best friends, a la Lindsay and Dina Lohan, who were often spotted partying together in Los Angeles.

“There needs to be boundaries,” said one expert. While it’s OK to find commonalities and things to share, she said, moms and daughters shouldn’t be hanging out at the spas or malls together.

Had you asked me this question years ago, I would have said no, parents shouldn’t be best friends with their kids, period.

But I’ve found over the years that there are some parent-child relationships that do work as friendships – including mine with my mom.

Are we BFFs? No. But we’re close. She’s likely the first person I’d call if anything happened to me — good or bad — and the only person who knows everything about me, my life, how I feel, how I think.

Let’s put it this way: we talk on the phone at least six times a day. (Seriously.) And sometimes we just watch TV together and yammer away, like two teenagers.

Sure, I don’t tell her everything and we don’t do Hello Kitty shots together at Kanpai. But we have a relationship that’s part friendship, part mother-daughter that I think is very special.

Plus, she can eat. That’s a requirement of all of my friends.


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