ShopSuey: local shopping app for stores, sales and events

Shop, Drop and Scroll


Girl: Doc, I don't feel so hot. My feet feel tingly, my wallet's numb, and everything in my closet just gives me the chills.

Doctor: Hmm. Looks like you've got a severe case of antishopportunitis.

Girl: (gasps) Is it serious?

Doctor: It can be. Fortunately, we caught it in its early stages. What you need is an emergency shot – er, I mean shop – followed by regular retail therapy sessions.

I'll also write you a prescription for ShopSuey. It's a new, locally-based app that'll help you navigate thousands of stores in Hawaii and California, including major malls like Ala Moana Center, with one-touch access to store hours, phone numbers, websites, directions and more. Pin your location, find the nearest bathroom or ATM, even mark where you parked your car.

Girl: Will it treat my symptoms? You know, lost appetite for new purchases and blurry vision, at least where spotting sales is concerned?

Doctor: Absolutely! You'll get notifications about events, exclusive offers, customized deals, sales and scannable coupons, all based on what you like and where you're shopping. Add events to your personal calendar or create your own shopping list. Alerts and listings are updated daily so you don't miss any more shopportunities.

ShopSuey is live now, but its official launch next month also comes with a new social feature. Starting September 13, you'll be able to share your finds by snapping a photo on your smartphone and dropping a flag at that store. Follow friends, designers, stylists and brand ambassadors to see their picks as well.

Girl: That sounds amazing! Shall I pay by credit card?

Doctor: No need. It's free. Just make sure to get in regular checkouts to prevent another antishopportunitis attack.

Remember, an app a day keeps the doctor away.

ShopSuey is available to download on iTunes now and on Google Play starting September 13. Check Facebook and Twitter for updates. ShopSuey is the official app for Hawaii Fashion Month (details to come). Stores interested in adding their own listing can email