Shop Toast rolls out new Halloween kokeshi and candy

Favors of the Month

Shop Toast's new Halloween favors

Halloween. One of the scariest times of the year. Other than tax day.

It's also, thanks to Shop Toast, one of the cutest. Especially now that the quaint Kaimuki shop has added two adorably spooky treats guaranteed to make your Halloween party a graveyard smash (hit).

You've already got the basics covered. The decor: cobwebby. The food: pumpkin-y. The murderous zombie in the closet… okay, you seriously need to look into that. But what'll make the party even more memorable is what your guests will take home afterward (besides a heart attack).

We're talking about Shop Toast's super cute Halloween kokeshi dolls which include a ghost, Dracula, Frankenstein and, now, the Bride of Frankenstein, complete with stylish spiderweb-covered updo, fun white streaks and a perfect red pout. Fill each one with candy and let guests choose their favorite.

We're also goblin down Shop Toast's other tasty new treat in partnership with Menehune Mac: a fun, mad scientist petri dish filled with orange cream flavored white chocolate and a "culture" of colorful swirls and sprinkles. Warning: You might be tempted to eat this yourself and blame some pesky poltergeist.

Though your guests will see right through you.

Bride of Frankenstein kokeshi, $12, Halloween petri dish candy, $7. Shop Toast is located at 3434 Waialae Ave. #3. For more information, call (808) 447-9233 or visit Photos provided by Shop Toast.