Shift 2: Three-event Saturday

Earlier this month, I tweeted “I think 2012 is going to be the year of just going for it.” So far, so good.

The result of “going for it” typically includes quick power naps after finishing an eight-hour shift, mad dashes to the nearest coffee house, and shooting (and then processing) for hours when I could (should) be at home in bed — but hey, it’s worth it. I gladly take it upon myself to mandatorily upkeep my voluntary second shift because this “camera thing” that I happened upon is something that I found I love to do. Sleep can wait.

This Saturday was no exception.

With the first event starting at 5 p.m., I drove out to the Pacific Club to shoot the Stars of Hope dinner. Walking in, I got a little sidetracked (a Ferrari, an Audi Quattro, a Bentley, oh my!) and ogled the vehicles for a bit, but eventually made my way inside. After shooting for a bit, I was asked to shoot the cars as well (yay!) and happily did.

I finished up with the cars, did my rounds inside and made my way to Chinatown for event two: The Airborne Toxic Event at the Hawaii Theatre.

Though there was a slight mix-up on entrance clearance (I have yet to muster the bravado to just flash my press badge and march in), the very helpful box office staff remedied the situation quickly. With a quick hello to fellow Nonstoppers Ed and Dallas who had the night off and were taking in the concert as paying guests, I hunkered down in the aisle and set my gear up for the show. Sing the Body did a great job of warming up the audience, and The Airborne Toxic Event was great. I found that they’re offering their remake of “Goodbye Horses” for free on their site, so I would check that out if you’re interested.

After the headliners finished their third song, I made my way out along with the other press folk, and walked to Hotel Street for event three: Shake and Pop!

Quick detour first. I figured I’d be hungry, so I already had it in mind that I’d drop by Downbeat Diner before hitting thirtyninehotel.

As planned ahead of time, I was given the opportunity to check out Downbeat Diner’s kitchen to catch some behind-the-scenes of their staff in action, but not before I ate something. Hungry. Club sandwich. Gooooood.

Turkey, bread, and bacon in the belly, I entered thirtyninehotel.

The crowd was only beginning to come in at that time, so for the first hour or so the dance floor served as space for b-boys. As expected though, the crowd grew to shoulder-to-shoulder, wall-to-wall size, and everyone was resigned to fist pumping and jumping in place to the mad, mad sounds of DJs jami, delve, compose, sssolution, and guest: DJ Zo.

With the batteries in my external flash dying, and time ticking toward the closure of the parking garage where I squeezed my car in, I left.

Thanks three-event Saturday, it was fun. I’m sure I’ll be seeing more of you this year. If I can help it.

Three-Event Saturday

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