Seattle eats: Bisato

Last night, I had a rare treat with friends and Seattle residents Mark Mizuno and Gypsy Raven. At their recommendation, we went into Seattle’s Belltown district to a phenomenal restaurant called Bisato. The brain child of James Beard Award-winning chef Scott Carsberg, Bisato’s menu emphasizes minimalistic compositions of two or three elements that maximize flavors and highlights fresh, locally grown ingredients.

Eager to sample the widest range available on Bisato’s eclectic menu, the three of us sat down Tuesday evening for an epic 21-course dinner (23 if you count cocktails and artisan bread from Macrina Bakery next door). Bisato is definitely a must try if you visit Seattle. Now brace yourselves, here comes the food porn!

Tomato filled with halibut rillette, served with panzanella sauce

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The slight acidity of the tomato did a great job cutting through the richness of the halibut. Yet at the same time, the sea salt and jelly sheet helped to bring out the tomato’s sweetness. The bread crumbs added a nice texture that rounded out the dish nicely.