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Saving St. Francis

When a deal to sell their hospital fell through, a band of physicians got together to buy it themselves. Will they be able to turn things around?

Bird Flu and You

Is Hawai’i ready for a pandemic such as bird flu? That depends on you.

Above and Beyond

Hawai’i Canines for Independence raises puppies to do a lot more than fetch. Service dogs are helping local residents gain back their independence.

A Mid-Century Time Capsule

A recently discovered treasure trove of vivid Kodachrome slides takes us back to the futuristic ‘50s, when modernist architecture was all the rage in Hawai’i.

Don't Ask, Do Tell

Ten questions your doctor isn't asking you-and why the answers can help you get healthier.

Giving Voice

John Keola Lake has shaped an entire generation of Native Hawaiians. In doing so, he is ensuring that the ways of his kupuna live on.

Hitting Home

A Honolulu doctor’s crusade to end domestic violence.