March 2009


“Best Restaurants”  01/09
Our annual look at the Islands’ restaurant scene celebrated the 92 winners of this year’s HONOLULU Magazine Hale Aina Awards.

My wife and I loved your January 2009 Best Restaurants issue. In the future, however, could you consider adding a new category for “best family restaurant” or “best dining with keiki restaurant”?

With our two toddlers, going for fine dining is hit and miss. It is interesting that most fine dining establishments in Hawaii will never say “no” to kids, while their counterparts in the Mainland will. I like being welcomed, but it doesn’t set up the right expectation for us or for the other diners when our kids’ volume level exceeds that of the overall dining area.


Editor’s note: For tips on dining with kids—and suggestions for child-friendly restaurants—see “Dining With Shorty,” in our August 2008 issue, and “Kid Friendly Bars,” in our December 2008 issue.

“Island Pork”  08/08
The World Society for the Protection of Animals, which calls labeling pigs “Island Pork” when they are not actually raised here “misleading,” wrote in with this update:

Many Hawaii grocery store shoppers are unaware they are not supporting local agriculture when they purchase pork labeled “Made in Hawaii.” Many pork products labeled “Island Produced,” “Made in Hawaii” and “Island Pork” are actually from Mainland pigs. [In early Feb.], a coalition of animal protection groups sent a petition to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture asking them to investigate if the pig importer and pork distributor and certain grocery store chains that sell these products are in violation of the Hawaii Meat Inspection Act. To find out more about this issue, visit http://www.handlewithcare.tv/.



Pizza Giveaway

We know you’re busy and we value your input to HONOLULU Magazine. Five letter writers during the month of March will win a free pizza, courtesy of Romano’s Macaroni Grill. We’ll randomly draw from letters and feedback sent to letters@honolulumagazine.com.

For pizza reviews, see John Heckathorn’s story, “Pizza for the Particular.”

A Happy Subscriber 
A reader wrote in to say she’s glad she had saved “Where to Get Stuff Fixed,” (our Feb. 2008 issue) and “Best Doctors in Hawaii” (July 2008).  

Thanks to your wonderful magazine, I was fortunate to obtain the services of Denis Shigemura, just the best old-school carpenter and all-around fix-it man. I had a fence that needed to be installed, a gate that needed to be replaced. My house was suffering from dry–rot boards—he replaced them and painted and took away the mess, all very efficiently. Also, he is the most pleasant, accommodating man. You will need to do another article like this. It is the hardest, most difficult task to find good people to help you. I have heard horror stories from friends regarding services that were not finished or not properly done.

Also, on your “Best Doctors in Hawaii” list is my husband’s doctor, Peter Wai. He’s a people’s doctor; just a wonderful, compassionate, very caring doctor.  



Ahana Koko Lele

In our February issue, Charles Sugiyama should have been listed under general dentistry, not pediatric dentistry. Also, we left two dentists off the published topDentist list. HONOLULU Magazine regrets the errors. Under general dentistry, we should have included: 

Cecile D. Sebastian
1003 Bishop St., Suite 340
Pauahi Tower
Honolulu, HI 96813

Donovan Young
1411 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 803
Honolulu, HI 96814


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