Sealove Hawaii's mobile fashion boutique

Treasure Rove

"I sunburn easily."
"Salt stings my eyes."
"I'm allergic to seaweed."

Are you that friend when beach day rolls around? Stop being such a wet beach towel. Luckily, a reason to brave the waves just pulled up. 

Sealove Hawaii's mobile boutique (or vantique)—retrofitted, designed and stocked by owner Cortney Thomas—roams Oahu beaches looking for fashion lovers. Inside the snaggin' wagon you'll find swimwear, clothing, home goods, accessories and even a dressing room. And we promise, no freaky-looking fish or scary sharks in here (we know how that makes you sand-crabby). 

Thomas herself loves the sea, and after spending time in Greece, Spain, Australia and the Mainland, she decided to settle here and bring some of her favorite brands to Honolulu, with products for both surf and turf.

For landlubbers looking for some Sealove, Thomas currently stocks clothing lines Ravinya Beach and Resort Wear, Line and Dot and Three of Something, a brand from Australia. But if you see something you like, act fast—she plans to rotate which designers she carries to stay fresh and up-to-the-minute.

Ready to brave the surf? Check out the Peixoto Flamingo one-piece (above left, $120),which was recently featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan and in Sports Illustrated. Thomas also carries Paradiso Hawaii, an eco-friendly line made on the Big Island, and is constantly looking for ways to support local businesses. Paradiso's sexy suits (right, $120–$180 for two pieces) are reversible and seamless, enough to make even the surf-and-sand-phobic like you want to wade in.

The one downside to shopping-on-the-beach? You're gonna need a bigger tote.

The Sealove Vantique will be around Kaimana Beach and Kapiolani Park this Saturday afternoon. Keep an eye out for updates at, on Facebook, and follow @sealovehawaii on Instagram to find out where it will pop up next.