Saturday, April 2 – Two Visits, Two Wheels

One of my Tokyo friends, Miyoshi, drove from Tokyo to my mom’s house to deliver a brand new bike and more food from my friends. I was shocked. The drive from Tokyo to Sendai takes more than 5 hours each way.

The bike is a gift from Miyoshi, Rie, Chiemi, Reiko, Nori, Waka, Ubu-chan and Ubu-chan’s husband. They bought the bike in Tokyo and loaded it into Miyoshi’s car.

He also loaded the car with some food from Rie, Ubu-chan and the Noro family and gave that to me as well. My mom and I are so lucky that we have such generous friends.

Now, I can more easily explore my neighborhood and go shopping by bike. I have never owned a bike this nice! It even has a large basket in front to hold all my groceries.

Domo Arigato to all my friends!

Late last night, the Stars and Stripes reporting team arrived. They will again use the house as their base while covering the quake relief efforts. Despite their late arrival, they left at 5:30 a.m. to begin their day. I guess they couldn’t wait to get to the tsunami zone and see how the cleanup is going.

I can’t wait to ride around my neighborhood and look for new stores.

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