San Francisco: One last look

I promise, here’s my last San Francisco blog for this trip!

I love visiting my classmate Deb Aoki (@DebAoki) — she’s fun, a foodie, and knows all the cute places to eat and shop in the Bay Area. I BART’ed out to the East Bay to hang out with her for half a day and have lunch. As usual, we went to some cool and unusual places. I can’t wait til Deb comes home so I can take her to all of our new spots in Honolulu!

A day in the East Bay

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Deb always greets me with chocolate, sends me chocolate, and has me shop for chocolate with her. So when I jumped in her car, she handed me a box of bacon-caramel milk chocolates. Yum!

I was lucky to find a neighborhood spot called V-105, which at the time had only been open a month. You don’t have to order sandwiches to go, as I did — in fact, you’ll probably enjoy them better if you sit in the restaurant. But we were constantly on the go, so the only times I had a chance to try their wares was when I got things to go.

San Francisco: V-105

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I just want to tell you about one more charming little spot in San Francisco that I found simply by virtue of our apartment being around the corner. I love these neighborhood joints! It’s only been open about two months, but already has a loyal following. That’s Sylvia, left, and owner Susy Martes on the day I got my first coffee and a quiche.

105 Valencia St. (at Mccoppin St)
San Francisco, CA

And that’s it for San Francisco! On to Los Angeles!