San Francisco Day 2: Off The Grid

My classmate Deb Aoki and twitter friends Kendall and Alyce Lee had told me about Off The Grid, which bills itself as a “mobile food extravaganza.” Even with that description, Lynda and I both thought it was one fabulous food truck.

Imagine our surprise when we showed up at Fort Mason (the Friday night location) last night to find more than a dozen trucks and tents in a circle, like stagecoaches. Immediately, we realized that Off The Grid is actually a hui of food trucks, and something that Hawaii really needs. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, a set bunch of trucks gather, like a farmer’s market, and set up in a different designated location. Each time, there is a theme; tonight’s one was Asian and Hispanic, whereas other nights might be Italian. But you, as the consumer, will never really know which trucks will be there.

It was like a smorgasbord, and we ran around hoping to try as many bite-sized items as we could. It was such an awesome event, I had to break it out into its own blog entry to share with you. Even with the gallery, though, I know that I can’t convey the energy or the true essence of what this event is all about.

Off The Grid

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Later, Kendall helped me catch up with Matt Cohen, the founder of Off The Grid:

Is that cool or what? I hope to do this again at least once more before I leave San Francisco. It’s like a mobile, American version of the Southeast Asian hawker stalls. But better.


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