Salad Envy: salads delivered to your office

Salad Envy knows you want to eat healthy, but that the options near work may be slim. The solution: order a salad subscription and get salads delivered to your office.
Our office tried it one day and I found the offerings better than any takeout salad options downtown. In our order: Komodo Dragon Prince (steak salad), Golden Jewel (beet salad), Tiger Princess (shrimp salad), Indonesian Curry Bowl and Buddha Butter Bruschetta. The chef, Christian Schneider, who sold Lucy's in Kailua to focus on his catering business, Cater to Me, has a thing for Indonesia.

The salads, though, are not as quite as exotic as they are named. The Golden Jewel is a beet salad tossed with watercress, feta and pistachios, while the Komodo Dragon Prince tops Nalo greens with sliced, grilled steak, dried cranberries and feta. Those salads, while fresh-tasting and balanced, are fairly standard.

For non-salad eaters, the Indonesian Curry Bowl includes sweet potato, tofu, long beans and sautéed greens on white rice (I would have liked an option of brown rice, quinoa, or maybe even the coconut jasmine rice shown on the website) served with addictive shrimp chips. This was one of our office's favorites, though the ultimate winner was the Buddha Butter Bruschetta, which perhaps isn't so much an entree, but a side dish. The tomatoes are marinated in balsamic and basil and accompanied by crostini and the "Buddha Butter," a potent, garlicky nut spread that reminded me of a spice paste a friend brought back from Indonesia. More of those flavors please!

Salads $9.75 to $13.75
Delivery days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday.