Saffron James debuts keiki trucker hats at Rebecca Beach

Trucker Punch

Saffron James keiki trucker hat

Now that summer's here, it's super important to protect your keiki's head from the harsh sun. Even more important: making sure he or she looks stylish at the same time (hey, gotta start training 'em early).

Thank your lucky star for Saffron James' new keiki trucker hats, which just hit the floor at Rebecca Beach. Honolulu designer Kate Growney now offers smaller versions of the adult hats she rolled out last Christmas: fresh, bold toppers sporting vintage silk ikats, African fabrics, and scraps saved from the adorable standup paddleboards she designed for Anthropologie last year. The subtle difference? Adult hats come in hot pink and brown while keiki hats are green.

Right now, your child can be a beacon of bright in rainbow chevron, and Growney is planning to release a new pattern soon (sneak a peek below!). Sadly, this summer may be your only chance to snag one. Since each hat is handmade in-house using high-quality materials and finished with contrast piping, Growney doesn't know how much longer she'll be able to make them.

So, grab one now and you won't flip your lid later.

$46 each. Keiki trucker hats are available exclusively at Rebecca Beach, The Kahala Hotel & Resort. Adult trucker hats are available at both Rebecca Beach and SoHa Living, Kahala Mall. Photos courtesy: Saffron James.

Saffron James keiki trucker hats