Roll Call

Lei ChicNormally, you're a kitten-loving, sweater-knitting sweetheart. But there are some things that bring out your evil twin, Ms. Nastypants.

Like that time you had to elbow-check that chick who tried to snake the last pair of Louboutins out from under you at that designer sample sale. She was so asking for it. Or that time you, ahem, accidentally smashed into a car that had boxed you in by parallel parking a millimeter away.

And then there was the … Okaaay, so maybe you’re not such an angel after all.

Get your aggression out the healthy way by signing up for a few wreck ‘em, deck ‘em roller derby sessions courtesy of Pacific Roller Derby.

No experience? No worries. The all-girl league has free new-skater trainings every week—sure to whip you into derby shape, or at least give you a helluva workout.

And the basics of the game are easy: Two teams of five hit the rink at a time. Each team has one player, called the jammer, who scores points by passing members of the opposing team. The rest of the team clears her way, forcibly, and tries to take down the other team’s jammer—all while skating full-speed around a circular track.

Best of all, players are encouraged to shed the nice-girl routine. It's a full contact sport, so derby girls get an opportunity to open a can of whoop-ass and really rough things up. They even adopt awesome alter-ego names, like those of local bad girls Tadbit Nasty and Sandra Day O'Killer.

Which means you can quit worrying about acting like a role model.
And let the good times roll.

For information on new girl trainings, email the Pacific Roller Derby league at Prefer to cheer from the sidelines? Get a schedule of the league’s Oahu games on their website, here.