Revisiting Pioneer Saloon


I couldn’t believe that several years had passed since I first reviewed Pioneer Saloon for Metromix Honolulu … and had not gone back since. It wasn’t because the food was bad; in fact, the eclectic plate lunches were good. But since 2009, so many restaurants have opened and closed in Honolulu. So many chefs have moved around. Even Metromix, the original site for the bloggers you now see on your screen, is on its third name.

And through all of that, Pioneer Saloon has withstood the test of time, economic conditions, and more. Pioneer is owned by Nori Sakamoto, who had been with Rokkaku at Ala Moana Center, Tokkuri-Tei, and a little Japanese snack shop called Iyasume, so he knows what he’s doing. The menu — and the clientele — has since expanded, and I was happy to go with a bunch of friends for lunch last weekend on our way to a new shave ice spot. Here’s what we ate:

Pioneer Saloon

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On any given day, you’ll find a crowd at Pioneer Saloon, ranging from hungry surfers to curious tourists. There’s not a lot of parking nearby, so be prepared to walk a block or two if needed.

Pioneer Saloon
3046 Monsarrat Ave.