Rent a shave ice machine!

What I think you need to do this weekend: rent a shave ice machine. Think of how cool you'll be (literally and figuratively) when you show up at your potluck with a shave ice machine in tow. It's only $55 to rent per day, at Hawaiian Snow in Kalihi. These are the real deal shave ice machines, too, not snow cone ones, so they make the fine, powdery shave ice that syrup clings so well to.

This idea came out of Mission Street Food's recent pop-up, for which it rented a shave ice machine to create a Sauterne shave ice with honeydew panna cotta and shiso, easily the best dish of the night, though the chicken skin and watermelon salad with fromage ranch and beef cheek and beet dish came pretty close.

Think of how many fun shave ice syrups you could create, and by fun I mean boozy: a negroni shave ice syrup? St. Germain syrup? A bourbon shave ice with maple ice cream?

Another note: shave ice makes great snowballs. Unflavored, preferably. But it's your very own shave ice machine for 24 hours. You can do whatever you want.

Hawaiian Snow, 901 Gulick Ave., 841-3888