Ramen Burger Coming to Honolulu

Photo courtesy of Ramen Burger

THE Ramen Burger is coming to Honolulu.

Not a knock-off, but the original that had people lining up and waiting three hours when it debuted in New York last year. It's a hamburger patty between two grilled ramen pucks, and yes, just like the Cronut, while there have been many imitations, there's only one trademarked version.

Keizo Shimamoto, the Ramen Burger creator, is escaping the polar vortex in New York to bring his mashup to Honolulu this Wednesday at Taste Table. He's prepping 700—the patties made with local beef and the ramen for the "buns" by Sun Noodle, the same supplier for the New York Ramen Burgers. (To supply the burgeoning East Coast demand for ramen and noodles, Sun Noodle, which was founded more than thirty years ago in Hawaii, recently opened a New Jersey factory.)

Get there early.

$10 each, 3 max per person
From 11 a.m. to sell out, Wednesday January 15, Taste Table, 667 Auahi St., tastetable.com