Puffettes, the egg puff truck, reincarnated as a Kaimuki cafe

Puffettes, the egg puff truck, has found permanent digs in Kaimuki. (New to egg puffs? Think of it as a waffle in bubble wrap form, a popular Hong Kong street snack.) Puffettes has recreated the facade of the original truck, for those who don't want to let go of the treats-on-wheels concept. Order from the expanded menu, which includes egg puffs in flavors of chocolate, sesame and original, as well as a special of the day—when we went, furikake—plus crepes and bubble tea. Crepes are made with the same batter as the puffs, which are nice and crisp for sweet crepes, but too sweet for savory ones. The puffs don't seem quite the same as when they were in the truck; now, they are crunchy all the way through, instead of slightly soft and custardy on the inside.

The biggest upside to the new brick-and-mortar location? You can get your egg puff fix later into the night, all the way until 10 p.m. on weekends.

3476 Waialae Ave., puffettes.com