Pr%f: a pop-up bar of experimental cocktails by Imbibe Hawaii

Courtesy of Imbibe Hawaii

There's an upcoming pop-up dinner. What about a pop-up bar? This Sunday, Maria Burke and Kyle Reutner, who started Imbibe Hawaii, a cocktail catering company, introduce Pr%f, a monthly pop-up bar, this time at VLounge.

Expect seven cocktails that you won't normally find at a bar, which Burke wants to keep secret. Her only comment is that these cocktails will be "whatever we can't usually do from a bar perspective," she says. (This can mean difficult-to-execute cocktails, whether time-consuming or prep-intensive. Stuff you don't want on your bar menu when there's a crush at the bar.)

Alejandro Briceno, of Prima and Vlounge, and Daniel Skurnick will provide the food. The drinks will be experimental, but the food will be rustic. Expect four different plates—beef, pork, fish and vegetable.

Everything's a la carte, $9 per plate or cocktail.

June 24, Sunday, 8 p.m. to midnight at VLounge