Play Debate Night Bingo: Schatz vs. Hanabusa Edition

The first TV debate matchup last week between Sen. Brian Schatz and U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa included a few fireworks and some predictable lines of attack and rebuttal. Hanabusa painted herself as the experienced lawmaker from Waianae, while Schatz played up his image as the bipartisan compromiser.

There’s no telling whether the July 15 debate on KHON at 7 p.m. will offer similar aggressive debating. Either way, we have a way to add a little fun to your debate night viewing. We’re providing you with a blank bingo card and 30 buzz words and phrases to pick from (you’ll notice some of these phrases come straight from the last face-off between the two candidates). Choose 24 words or phrases to fill your card with. As usual, the center block is a free space. First one to yell Bingo wins.

Click here to download the bingo card
Design: Maria Lieber 
  1. Inouye’s legacy

  2. My opponent …

  3. I’m sorry, your time is up.

  4. President Obama

  5. We’re both friends

  6. I’m glad you feel that way

  7. In my two terms in Congress …

  8. You have to read the bills

  9. You’re scaring the kupuna

  10. THE Letter

  11. Any mention of a Dan or Daniel

  12. Keiki

  13. Gov. Neil Abercrombie

  14. Wonky wahine from Waianae

  15. Dying Wish

  16. Punahou School

  17. I’m glad you asked that question …

  18. Both sides of the aisle

  19. With all due respect

  20. (audible sigh)

  21. Pivot to Asia-Pacific

  22. Any mention of a former governor

  23. Compare our records

  24. Domestic surveillance

  25. I’m ready for Hillary

  26. Local values

  27. Any mention of age or longevity

  28. Stop distorting my record

  29. I’m a happy warrior

  30. I stand with the farmers (on GMOs)