Pics: Lantern Floating Hawaii 2013

The 15th Annual Lantern Floating Hawaii was attended by tens of thousands of people from around the world, gathered at Magic Island Monday evening to reflect and remember their lost loved ones on Memorial Day.

Presented by the Nā Lei Aloha Foundation and officiated by the Shinnyo-en Buddhists, this year’s ceremony included musical performances by Shinnyo Taiko, Kuana Torres Kahele, Hâlau Hula Kamamolikolehua, and the Shinnyo-en Shomyo Ensemble and an address by Her Holiness Shinso Ito, Head of the Shinnyo-en Buddhist Order, before more than 6,000 paper lanterns carrying heartfelt memorials were set afloat.

Photos by Tracy Chan, Darryl Watanabe, Travis Okimoto and Tom Quach.

Lantern Floating Hawaii 2013

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-Photo by Darryl Watanabe