Photo Finishes

Lei Chic Police Officer: Ms. Chic, do you know why you are here?

LC: Texting while shopping?

Police Officer: Maam, you are suspected of breaking moving violation 8:30:2011 – Leaving pictures and decorative posters in boxes instead of hanging them on your new apartment walls.

LC: Officer, it’s not my fault! I’ve been framed! I really tried to get all of those up months ago, but in every store there were only shelves of sleek, chrome mountings. (getting a hysterical) I’m beachy casual! I feel so cornered!

Police Officer: Calm down Miss. You say you went everywhere?


Lei Chic Police Officer: Even Olive Boutique in Kailua?

LC: I… uh (faltering) but I thought that was a clothing store?

Police Officer: You need to get all the facts!

Olive Boutique has just introduced Oliver Handmade. Graphic designer Parker Moosman turns materials from deconstructed Hawaiian homes into playfully chic frames, mirrors, statuettes and more.

You’ll find wooden frames in color-blocked patterns boasting the original worn yellows, greens, and blues of plantation houses, Lei Chicas well as various shades of natural wood finishes.

If you can’t picture your own photos on your wall, let Moosman create a custom print. Or pick up a curio for that unadorned wing of your home – an adorable owl statue.

LC: I’ll go! So am I off the hook?

Police Officer: Just don't let me catch you hanging around here again.

Oliver Handmade frames range in price from $38 – $275 and are available for purchase or custom orders at Olive Boutique, 43 Kihapai St. Call 808.263.9919 for more information.