PBS Hawai‘i Classics Bring Back More Shows From the Archives

Pau Hana Years and Spectrum Hawai‘i are now broadcasting on PBS Hawai‘i and streaming on YouTube.


Spectrum Hawaii

A still from the 1986 episode of Spectrum Hawai‘i touring Miloli‘i, the last fishing village in Hawai‘i. Photo: Courtesy of PBS Hawai‘i


Two classic PBS Hawai‘i Public Television shows, Pau Hana Years and Spectrum Hawai‘i, have been pulled out of the archives, dusted off, and shown to the world for the first time in decades. Under the appropriately titled rebrand PBS Hawai‘i Classics, these programs offer a glimpse of our home from days gone by.


Pau Hana Years, a program from the 70s hosted by Bob Barker (not that one), spotlighted notable seniors in the community, from Alice Nāmakelua to Hilo Hattie. Spectrum Hawai‘i is the 80s precursor to today’s Home Is Here, capturing priceless snapshots of the people and places that make up our community.


A 1986 episode of Spectrum Hawai‘i touring the last fishing village in Hawai‘i, Miloli‘i, and a 1996 episode documenting the last days of Ka‘ū Sugar on Hawai‘i island, are among the most popular episodes of Classics to date. Those episodes, along with all other Classics episodes, are permanently out of the archives and available for streaming on the PBS Hawai‘i YouTube channel now or on most Wednesdays on broadcast at 7:30 p.m.


PBS Hawai‘i Classics

Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m.

Broadcast on PBS Hawai‘i and available on the PBS Hawai‘i YouTube channel


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