$40 Pau Hana for 2: Signature Prime Steak & Seafood

Come for the 50% happy hour discounts, stay for the view.


Table with a view of Mānoa Valley

Photo: Maddy Chow


With prices rising, we scoped out the best happy hour deals where two people can fill up. Frolic’s $40 Pau Hana series hits every craving, from pizza to sushi. We hope you will love these stops as much as we do. 


I love steakhouses, so when I moved to O‘ahu for college, this was one of the first things I looked for. Signature Prime Steak & Seafood stood out because of its beautiful view from the 36th floor of the Ala Moana Hotel. When I found out that there’s a happy hour every day, I put Signature on my bucket list.


The happy hour food menu has more than three dozen options, including 10 that are discounted to half of their usual prices. Wine, beer and cocktails are also more affordable. Half-off dishes include ‘ahi tartare (regular $22.95, happy hour $11.50), steak tartare ($19.95, $9.50), and an Ultimate Cheeseburger ($24, $12). Other discounted items include crab and shrimp stuffed mushrooms ($21.95, $14.50), a cheese plate ($18.95, $13.95), sizzling steak on a hot stone ($22, $16.95), and a half-dozen oysters ($24.95, $18.50). Here’s what two of us ate at happy hour for $40.


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Prime Steak Tips, $9


happy hour spread of three dishes

Photo: Maddy Chow


Our go-to item is a pretty hefty appetizer that never fails to be our favorite order of the night. The mushrooms and onions are perfectly seared and carry the flavor of the steak. I love picking out the green onions and eating them separately because they also have that nice charred flavor. The bottom of the bowl collects all the juices that we like to swipe the steak through. It’s a perfect starter to a hungry happy hour. And did I mention it’s filling?


New Zealand Smoked King Salmon Spread, $9


smoked Salmon Spread on crostini

Photo: Maddy Chow


If you are a fan of rich and creamy flavors, then this is a must-try. Four pieces of toasted baguette are topped with the smoky salmon spread, sprinkled with chives and garnished with an orchid. It’s a perfect plate for sharing.


Prime Truffle Meatballs, $10


happy hour Meatballs in a bowl

Photo: Maddy Chow


Meatballs have to be one of my favorite dishes. These are larger than average, extremely tender and topped with a rich gravy that has flavors of lobster and fresh thyme, while the truffle adds an earthy umami.


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Prime Steak Tacos, $11.95


happy hour Steak Tacos on a plate

Photo: Maddy Chow


My favorite part of the prime steak tacos is the slice of avocado sandwiched between the steak and tortilla. Adding even more creaminess is a sauce like a spicy mayo, with freshness from sprigs of cilantro. Personally at this point, I’m not only full, I have also had enough beef. Next time I would get more seafood—or the mac and cheese ($11.95).


Our favorite part of this happy hour, though, is the view. You get an amazing experience no matter where you sit. Our first time, we had a panoramic view of Mānoa Valley; the next time, we ate while looking out over Waikīkī and the Pacific Ocean. There really is no bad spot here, the service is great and so is the price.


Daily from 4:30 to 10 p.m., happy hour from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., Ala Moana Hotel, 410 Atkinson Dr., (808) 949-3636, signatureprimesteak.com, @thesignatureprimesteak