Party pics: Sailor Jerry Festival 2016


The second annual Chinatown-wide Sailor Jerry Festival, brainchild of Jason Miller from and Josh 86 from Downbeat, took over eight Chinatown venues on the anniversary of legendary tattoo artist Norman Keith “Sailor Jerry” Collins’ death to pay tribute to the great man with tattoos, live music, art, skate demos, pinup and burlesque. NextDoor, Downbeat Lounge, Bar35, The Manifest, Black Cat Tattoo, Old Ironside Tattoo (the residents of Sailor Jerry’s original tattoo shop), The Tiki at Scarlet, and Proof Public House all participated.

Some highlights of the night: $50 Sailor Jerry flash art tattoos that attracted a daring crowd at Old Ironside, skate demos and a small vendor area in Chaplain Lane outside of Proof Public House, crowded local rock, hardcore and alternative music shows at Manifest and Downbeat Lounge, and a packed, enthusiastic house that came to see LA “dirty reggae” headliners The Aggrolites rock out from about 12:30 a.m. til close.

Each year, the Festival donates a portion of its proceeds to members of Collins’ family.