Party pics: Iron Bartender Finals

The Hawaii bartenders who made it through the three preliminary rounds and into the finals went head-to-head on Tuesday night for the Bacardi Oakheart Iron Bartender Finals at The Republik, a test of skill, speed, originality, personality and creativity. The audience was a who’s who of the bar and liquor industry and cocktail connoisseurs, eagerly crowding around the bar to watch the action. In the final round, the “Mystery Box” round, all the bartenders jumped behind the counter at the same time and had to create a cocktail with the contents of their boxes: A raw egg, Monster energy drink, shiso leaf, lime, dragon’s eye fruit, molasses, and Easter peeps!

Congratulations to all six of the finalists. Here’s how they placed:

Justin Park (Manifest): 1st place – Hawaii’s Iron Bartender 2013

Dave Newman (Pint & Jigger): 2nd place

Roxanne Siebert (Safehouse/V-Lounge ): 3rd place

Christian Self (thirtyninehotel): 4th place

Alicia Yamachika (Pint & Jigger): 5th place

Mo Sanford (The Republik/Safehouse): 6th place

Iron Bartender Finals

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