Party pics: Grand Opening of Xscape @ Tsukiji

Tsukiji Fish Market & Restaurant at the Ala Moana Center was packed all Friday night for the grand opening of Xscape, a new party by the promoters known for popular parties like (the former) Oasis at Oceans 808 and The Club House, and Prestige at Paparazzi. Level H Promotions, Artist Groove Network, Hawaii Pacific Entertainment and Furious Styles Productions have been listening to what the party people want, and it looks like Tsukiji will do a good job of filling many of the criteria.

The plus-side: Tons of free parking, a spacious, beautiful, multi-level venue with clear VIP section, dance floor, powerful air conditioning, six bars and a 4 a.m. closing time. The downside: You might spend a bit of time waiting in line, especially if every party is anywhere as crowded as the grand opening.

Take a look at the peeps we found at the grand opening!


Grand Opening of Xscape @ Tsukiji

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