Party Pics: Five-O Bar & Lounge grand opening

Five-O Bar & Lounge held its grand opening Saturday night with a blessing, pupu and entertainment. The new bar, located near the food court at Royal Hawaiian Center, features signature cocktails and a “beer tower” for $27 that enables you to serve several pitchers of beers at your table, chilled from the inside.

Five-O Bar & Lounge grand opening

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For those of you who were following our tweets and wanted to know what was in the “Five Oh!” Martini, here’s the recipe:

Mix equal parts vodka, triple sec, and Domaine Canton (a ginger liqueur) to taste. Add a splash of cranberry juice, and shake.

The bar recommends a little more vodka and a little less triple sec; if you can find ginger flavored vodka, you don’t need to use the Domaine Canton.

Garnish with a slice of candied ginger and enjoy.