Party pics: 808 Speakerbox

808 Speakerbox, a project organized by Riana Stellburg of Rudified Media and Kristen Oshiro of Sweet Lychee Productions to showcase local hip-hop, threw its big inaugural event Saturday at two venues: NextDoor and thirtyninehotel.

The event, attended by music-makers, promoters, dancers and fans of the local hip-hop scene, featured a great lineup of talent, including a crowded night of live performances at NextDoor by Monarx, Ill Hill Society, K-Luv, Pro, BlessdChil, The Night Marchers, Broke Mokes and others, and a DJ/producer lineup at thirtyninehotel with names like Packo, Revise, Kavet the Catalyst, Osna and Jimmy Taco keeping the b-boys dancing.

808 Speakerbox

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