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IMG_5027Hangover cure? Sure, but pho is also great for when you’re feeling under the weather. Mostly, though, it’s my go-to food for quick satisfaction.

Pho is made personal by what’s added (example, the amount of Sriracha) and the techniques in tackling the bowl. How do you proportion each bite, for instance? I used to just douse everything with sauce and make the bowl look like a crime scene, but I’ve become more civilized by keeping my sauce separate for dipping.

At its bare essentials, differences in broth, noodle texture or amount, as well as the quality of the rare steak and other meat or seafood sides make pho distinct, and thus determine where I’ll go to get it.

Everyone has a go-to place and will contest that their favorite is the best. You may disagree, but here are my top five pho places.

5. Pho Tri Vietnamese Restaurant

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This bowl ($9, rare steak) provides the best value for the amount of food, with a light broth, abundant, chewy noodles and thin slices of eye round steak.

Pho Tri Vietnamese Restaurant
1307 Kalakaua Ave.


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