Our Kakaako's Out-of-the-Office Friday

Love at First Site (Sponsored)

Some of the world's biggest ideas started around a foosball table.

Apple computers.
The airplane.

Actually, none of these came from a bout of table football. But, none were created in corporate conference rooms, either. So why not give the foosball a shot?

Friday, Our Kakaako's Pinch of Salt Warehouse is being turned into Hawaii's coolest out-of-the-office (#OOTO) office. The plans include a creative space with fun and tasty upgrades. The plans do not include bad fluorescent lighting, barely-passable coffee or cubicle-crashing coworkers. Let's break it down.

Your office view: Walls. Four other "team members" (two of whom you like) from the shoulders up.
Our Kakaako #OOTO view: Foosball table, TVs, other insanely talented, dedicated and out-of-the-box thinkers like you.

Your office eats: Generic vending machine chips and mystery Christmas gift rejects on the communal snack table.
Our Kakaako #OOTO eats: A menu by Pili Group's Mark Noguchi, including Caesar wraps with Hirabasa kale, puffed rice and caesar dressing; savory or sweet toast; Fruit Loop treats and S'more's cookies. Plus, you're just steps away from Bevy, Hank's Haute Dogs, Highway Inn and some of Our Kakaako's other hot eateries.

Your office connection: A desktop computer Frankensteined together from four other epically slow machines.
Our Kakaako #OOTO connection: The fastest free WiFi available, offering 5x faster downloads and 50x faster uploads than at most homes and coffee shops.

Your office outdoor experience: Limited to the three-minute walk from your parking garage to your office and the 10-minute trek to grab a lunch you'll eat at your desk.
Our Kakaako #OOTO outdoor experience: Work spaces will be set up outdoors. Inside, there will be more single-person desks as well as community spaces for the best brainstorming of your life.

Our Kakaako Pinch of Salt Warehouse will be open Friday, 10 a.m.–4 p.m. at 683 Auahi St. Find more at ourkakaako.com/ooto.