Our Favorite Hawai‘i Entertainers Who Keep Us Smiling, Laughing and Informed

We spotlight a group of creatives, a radio duo and a comedian who give us something fun to watch while we’re stuck inside.



Like many Hawai‘i folks, I need my daily dose of local entertainment, music and laughs. I regularly follow a handful of Hawai‘i comedians, YouTubers, musicians, hula hālau and other celebs on social media. And now that I’m stuck at home, I’m watching and tuning in more than ever. Here are three of my favorite local groups and personalities to follow.


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Haku Collective

Hawaiian music and hula: two of my favorite things. I first got hooked on Haku Collective after watching a video of Kimié Miner singing “You Are My Sunshine” accompanied by an adorable hula dancer last year. Then there was “Pūpū Hinuhinu,” “Hawaiian Lullaby” and too many more to count. More recently, they began hosting “Mele in the Hale,” a virtual concert featuring some of our favorite local musicians. Join them for their next self-quaranTUNES jam session! I know I will.






Da Kolohe Krew

I don’t know about you, but the Kolohe Crew (aka Mele Apana and Shannon Scott) on Hawaiian 105 KINE is the ONLY good part of morning rush-hour traffic. And the good news is they’re just as funny and crazy online. Have you seen their “He Mele No O Coronavirus” hula video yet? I’ve watched it at least 10 times by now. You’re welcome.






Pashyn Santos

Tipping your Uber Eats delivery guy with a roll of TP: This is why I love all things Pashyn. Her sassy pidgin skits rank high up there, but one of my all-time favorite videos is of her and a few friends making up hilarious puns Hawaiian style. You’ll just have to watch it to see.