Our 10 Most Popular Stories in 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, we take some to time reflect on our most popular stories of the year.

From an exclusive Q&A with Dog the Bounty Hunter to an in-depth feature about the Ala Wai Canal, these 10 stories resonated the most with our online readers. We hope to bring you more stories like these in the coming year.


1. It Came From the Ala Wai: 6 Strange Creatures That Thrive in Waikīkī Sewage Filled Canal

Photo: Elyse Butler Mallams

What lurks in the murk of Honolulu’s most prominent drainage ditch? Lots of things, including a fish that can literally give you nightmares.


2. Exclusive: What Is It Like to Party With Duane ʻDog the Bounty Hunter’ Chapman?

Photo: Odeelo Dayondon

A&E star Duane ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Chapman celebrated his 61st birthday bash with friends, family and TV crew in Waikīkī. Here’s what it’s like to party with a TV rockstar.


3. 10 Mouthwatering Reasons Why Hawai‘i’s 7-Elevens Are Mo‘ Bettah

Photo: Ambika Castle

We believe Hawai‘i’s 7-Elevens are so much better than the Mainland’s. Let us count the ways…


4. Quiz: Where on O‘ahu Do You Belong?

Sure, you may live in one part of town. But do you really belong there? Take our quiz to find out.


5. The 9 Most Haunted Places on O‘ahu

Photo: Google Street View

Here’s a list of haunted spots, some known and others not, that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.


6. Friday Frights: The 5 Most Haunted Hikes on O‘ahu

Photo: Courtesy of Lopaka Kapanui

There are some trails on O‘ahu that everyone knows are haunted, but did you know these five?


7. Time for Obon! Hawai‘i Summer 2014 Bon Dance Schedule

Photo: Dallas Nagata White

Everyone wants to know the schedule of summer bon dance festivals around town.


8. Hurricane Iselle Has Us Wondering: What If a Category 4 Hurricane Hit O‘ahu?

Image: Wikipedia

On Kaua‘i in 1992, it took four months to fully restore power, water and phone service after ‘Iniki. What would it look like if such a hurricane hit O‘ahu?


9. Hawai‘i Construction Boom: New Developments Coming to Honolulu, North Shore, Central and West Windward O‘ahu

New developments are changing the face of Honolulu—find out what’s coming.


10. Hawai‘i’s Best Chefs Recommend 109 Dishes and Drinks You Must Try Now

Photo: David Croxford

Forty-seven chefs recommend their favorite dishes at their own restaurants, and what they eat when they’re not working.


Any stories you’d like to see on here? Comment below.