Otto Cakes

A new cheesecake boutique sweetens Chinatown.

Photo: Kevin Blitz


In 1990, Otto baked a New York-style cheesecake for his mom for Mother’s Day. And in 2001, the one-named punk rock baker’s creation won Best Cheesecake in our Best of HONOLULU issue.

Now, he boasts more than 90 flavors of cheesecake, from orange chocolate chip to peanut butter and jelly to a Key Lime cheesecake that impressed Billy Joel so much he invited Otto backstage to his concert to personally thank him.

In July, Otto will open a cheesecake boutique at 1160 Smith St. in Chinatown.

Called Otto Cake, this intimate, 300-square-foot space will feature a display case and small seating area with furniture and fixtures that easily move into the back room to create an open space for art shows and live music.

He plans to serve his signature cheesecake—whole cakes and slices all baked in the back kitchen—and introduce new desserts, such as coffee cake and brownies, every month.

And yes, there’ll be coffee, too.

“I just like to make quality cheesecakes that actually taste like cheesecake,” Otto says. “So when you close your eyes to take a bite, you know exactly what it is.”

While he wasn’t planning to open a retail front for his cheesecakes, Otto sees the potential for creating a unique dessert destination in Chinatown.
The mix of art, music and cheesecake couldn’t be more fitting for this multi-tasker, who dresses windows, paints and sculpts, and plays bass in the band The 86 List. 

“Everything I’ve done in my life has led me to this place,” he says.

Otto Cakes are served at Mocha Java in Ward Center and The Contemporary Museum café. For more information or to order cheesecake, call 834-OTTO or visit