‘Ono Buzz: Two Dishes You Must Try This Month in Honolulu

Two things you should be eating this month.

Oh so yummy!

Photo: Kawehi Haug


Deep-fried Sriracha cheese balls? Battered and fried kim chee? A whole menu of sliders made with Big Island grass-fed beef? Where has Osoyami been all our lives? Even better, everything on the food menu is under $10, and during the daily happy hour from 6 to 7 p.m. (even weekends), you can get a slider and fries for $5. Wash it down with the super mellow Lychee Cooler cocktail for $3 and get in and out for about $10.

1820 Algaroba St., 200-0514


Winging it

Photo: Diane Lee


Pālama Supermarket has a delectable new treat to offer: a Vons Chicken counter serving up Korean-style fried and oven-roasted chicken. The crispy fried chicken wings are the No. 1 seller, but we’re partial to the special-sauce wings smothered with gochujang. Come hungry: You must choose either a half order (10 pieces for $11.99) or a full order (20 pieces for $20.99)—no individual wings here. Fortunately, the chicken comes in an adorable paper takeout container that makes it easy to save any leftovers.

1070 N. King St., Suite 105, 845-9510