On the radio

Some of you may know my friend, Alan Okami, for his “Ka Leo o Kalihi” blog, his presence in the music industry as a principal of KoAloha Ukulele, or his various community activities. Yesterday, he added another dimension to his busy life with a radio show on KGU.

Alan’s new show will air at 5 p.m. on the last Wednesday of every month as part of KGU’s “Think Tech” series. If you’re not near a radio, we’re told you can stream it on your computer.

My business partner Russ Sumida (@Parkrat) and I were honored to be Alan’s first guests on his inaugural show. Since we have a social media business, we talked about — what else? — the business of social media. We had a half hour, which is long in radio time, but you’d be surprised at how fast the time flies. Hopefully we gave some useful insights for Alan’s listeners.

On the radio at KGU

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Alan splits his hour-long show into two parts, so his other guest was Lloyd Kawakami of Manoa DNA — not talking music, but about Iolani Sportswear, which he owns.

Good luck to Alan with this new/additional adventure! If you’d like to know more about his show, hit him up on Facebook or, better yet, Twitter. I don’t know if he’ll be giving away a KoAloha ukulele every month on his show, but you might as well listen to find out!