Omiyage: Max Brenner

During my last visit to Las Vegas, I saw that Max Brenner would be opening in the Caesars Palace Forum Shops. When I started planning my trip, the first thing I told Melissa Chang was, “We gotta go to Max Brenner!

Since arriving in Vegas, I’ve been looking forward to not only sampling the myriad of chocolate awesomeness on the menu (even the fries have cocoa powder on them), but to see what goodies I can bring back from the chocolate shop for my family. My mother, sister and niece are all rabid chocoholics, so I knew Max Brenner would be the perfect place to find omiyage for them.

Like at other chocolate shops, various bonbons, chocolate bars, t-shirts and cookbooks are available. However, Max Brenner has so much more to offer, including cocoa butter body creams and make-your-own gift sets. Here’s what I ended up buying as omiyage.

Max Brenner

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Photos from Max Brenner Chocolate shop in the Caesars Palace Forum Shops.