Oliver Men's Shop opens in Kailua

Oliver's Twist

Lei Chic

Fellas, we get it.

You may not be an orphan born into a life of poverty and misfortune, but when it comes to shopping with your girlfriend/wife, you most definitely feel alone.

As in, when she heads into the dressing room laden with armfuls of clothes, you either wait in the car or look for the store's designated "boyfriend chair" and hope no one's gotten to it first.

Lucky for you, a third and infinitely better option is about to arrive…

Lei Chic

Introducing Oliver Men's Shop, the manly counterpart to neighboring Olive Boutique, opening tomorrow in Kailua. It's helmed by Parker Moosman, the guy behind Oliver Handmade's upcycled wooden frames (and husband of Olive owner Ali McMahon).

Consider this your escape plan the next time your significant other drags you on a shopping trip. It'll kind of feel like you stepped into the Hamptons… or the set of Revenge. Go with it. Admire the custom welcome mat (cleverly designed out of new and old pennies), weather-worn shelving and vintage fixtures, all installed by Moosman himself. Then, start combing the racks for specially-selected men's lines, some of which aren't available anywhere else on Oahu.

Lei Chic

Scoop up a pair of stylish, Kennedy-esque yarn-dyed board shorts from Aloha Sunday Supply Co. (shown above), a line designed by Hawaii-born, San Diego-based Kahana Kalama. Then, pick out some soft, hand-screened tees and forged steel jewelry from New York's CXXVI. And, make sure to fully appreciate The Critical Slide Society's mint striped shirt by trying it on in the dressing room with adjustable mirror, side bench and light switch.

Lei Chic

If you have more time to kill, feel free to peruse The History of Surfing or sniff out your favorite Munio Candela natural soy wax candle in masculine scents like Green Leaf and Ginger Tango.

Or, just pull up a seat at the cash wrap and shoot the breeze with Moosman himself.

You'll take a stool over the boyfriend chair any day.

Oliver Men's Shop opens for business tomorrow at 10 a.m. at 49 Kihapai St., (808) 261-6587. A grand opening will be held Saturday from 5 to 8 p.m. as part of a special anniversary celebration with Olive Boutique and ChadLou's with live music, free drinks and affordable bites by Camille's on Wheels. For more information, visit Oliver Men's Shop's website and Facebook page.