October 2017: Table of Contents


HONOLULU Magazine October 2017 Cover
On The Cover: Did you know Hawai‘i has its own craft beer, wine and even spirits that are all made locally? Read about how you can drink local on page 60.
Photo: Steve Czerniak Location: Pint + Jigger. Background illustration: Kim Sielbeck. Styling: Stacey Makiya. Drinks made by Dave Newman, Kyle Reutner, Alicia Yamachika and Max Kamm. 

A Passion for Publishing

We pay tribute to Dave Pellegrin, the former HONOLULU owner, publisher and editor, who passed away in August.

by honolulu magazine staff


Forget Balance, Make Choices

Ever felt like you’re facing constant pressure to juggle work, family, friends and everything in between—and to do it well? Experts say that unrealistically high standards can lead to greater stress and more health problems.

by maria kanai


Drink Local

It’s not just a craft-beer boom anymore: Hawai‘i produces our own wine, vodka, gin, mead and more right here in the Islands. Find out who’s behind it and where to get it.

by james charisma, jennifer fiedler, mari taketa and catherine toth fox, with robbie dingeman and katrina valcourt


Power Plant

After 15 months of nail-biting delays—and 17 years after the state decriminalized pot for patients—medical cannabis is finally available for legal sale. Who does it help? How does it work? Is this the crop that will replace sugar? And, if it is, who profits?

by don wallace with additional reporting by lorin eleni gill



It’s a Paw-ty!

Halloween has gone to the dogs–again.



October Picks

What could be spookier than a film fest in a haunted theater or a mummy-themed attraction? Missing out on these events.

BY Katrina valcourt


City Cracks Down on Ped-text-rians

Banning staring at your phone while crossing the street may seem like a no-brainer, but many are wondering if Honolulu doesn’t have better things to focus on—like rail and homelessness.

BY Don Wallace


Da Meter

Gauging what’s hot and what’s not in Honolulu.



Improv Your Life

Quote Unquote: Kimee Balmilero

Interview by Don Wallace


Field Notes: Drawing Room

Field Notes explores Honolulu’s vast and varied scenes and subcultures. This month: Comic Jam Hawai‘i.

By James Charisma



Wild at Art

A day in the life of illustrator Kim Sielbeck, lightweight sweaters and fun barware.

by stacey makiya and brie thalmann


‘Ono: Food and Dining

Destination: Kaka‘ako

The food scene in the once-industrial Kaka‘ako neighborhood gives Chinatown some competition.

by catherine toth fox



EDITOR’S PAGE: Keeping it Local

From what we eat and drink to where we work, local matters.




How do you solve a problem like graffiti? Not like this.



From Our Files

HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific—chronicling the Islands since 1888. 

BY Ashley Mizuo