O my buns: Hokkaido bread from Panya Bakery and roti buns from Tutti Frutti

Mini Hokkaido bread from Panya Bakery.

Two more discoveries to add to sweet treats: mini Hokkaido bread and roti buns. The first, from Panya Bakery, are soft, airy buns encased in a thin sugar cookie crust that provide more sweetness than textural contrast, except around the edges, which are crispy and taste of caramelized sugar. They're sold 3 for $5.

The other: Roti buns, popular in Malaysia and all the rage in Korea, are available through the Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt chain. (I admit, they drew me in with their sign: "O my buns!") The coffee roti bun ($2.39) is similar to Hokkaido bread, except the crust is coffee flavored and the bun interior hides a knob of melted, salted butter for a salty-sweet, buttery treat.

Panya Bakery and Bistro, multiple locations: panyagroup.com
Tutti Frutti, 700 Keeaumoku St. #102, 626-5587