Noodle Tuesday: Vermicelli at Mr. Tea Cafe

Milk tea with vermicelli (left) and matcha milk tea with coffee jelly and boba

How could we claim to be the (maybe) unofficial noodle capital of the world without a noodle dessert? Yes, there’s Il Gelato’s spaghetti gelato, but for something actually noodle-y in texture, check out the vermicelli in the new milk tea shop Mr. Tea Cafe. Hipster mustache cups aside, the main thing that sets this place apart is the well-edited menu, which includes additions like chia seeds and that vermicelli, long, thick strands—like long rice gone Hulk. They’re extra chewy—it’s kind of like drinking your milk tea with gummy worms. Weird, but kinda fun.

Mr. Tea Cafe
Drinks start at $3.50
909 Kapiolani Blvd., Unit A (next to Greens and Vines), 593-2686,