Noodle Tuesday: spaghetti gelato at Il Gelato Hawaii cafe

Spaghetti gelato?! And who says Germans don’t know how to have fun?

Spaghetti gelato, or spaghettieis, is everywhere in Germany, where it was invented. I’ve never seen it anywhere else, until now. Dirk Koeppenkastrop, our resident German gelato maker, introduces it to Hawaii at the newly opened Il Gelato cafe at Kahala Mall.

It’s a dead ringer for spaghetti. And a pretty good sundae to boot. Vanilla gelato is extruded through a ricer on a mound of whipped cream, topped with strawberry sauce and white chocolate crumbles. It's so realistic-looking you want to twirl it around your fork.

Koeppenkastrop’s brought in a friend to help him out with the Il Gelato café opening, another German who also owns a gelato cafe, but in Thailand. He tells us that gelato in spaghetti form creates more surface area, making the gelato taste better. (I don't know about that, but I do like the softer consistency.)

He also tells us about a pad thai version he makes in Thailand. Maybe someday, Il Gelato will have a gelato world noodle day. Spaghetti, pad thai, what about look funn gelato?

Until then, there you go, Noodle Tuesday’s first dessert noodle.

Il Gelato cafe at Kahala Mall, 4211 Waialae Ave.