Nonstop Movies: ‘We’re the Millers’

If there’s one thing the summer movie season of 2013 has taught us, it’s that the “f-word” is funny. “The Hangover Part III,” “This is the End” and “The Heat” all earned their R ratings through language instead of nudity, and all three films have either surpassed or are about to surpass the $100 million box office milestone. Whether we use those words in real life or not, it’s funny hearing them in comedic situations, and they can really spice up a scene in a way that Rated PG language could never do.

millersposter“We’re the Millers” thankfully continues that trend. The film stars Jason Sudeikis as David, a small-time dope dealer who gets robbed and forced to take a job that requires him to smuggle a “smidge” of weed across the Mexican border for his supplier. To avoid looking suspicious, he hires a group of misfits to pose as his family. His stripper neighbor Rose (Jennifer Aniston) plays his wife, while a runaway teen Casey (Emma Roberts) and his dorky neighbor Kenny (Will Poulter) act as his children. The result is a misfit version of “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” where the term dysfunctional family is taken to a new level.

All of that dysfunction leads to scenes that have you laughing so hard you miss the next joke. Sudeikis is an alumnus of “Saturday Night Live,” so his comic timing is incredible, and he even displays an impressive acting range that will likely lead to more leading roles. I’ve never really been a fan of Aniston’s (she’s my 5th favorite “Friend”), but she must be given credit for finally stretching from just playing another version of her Rachel. It was very amusing to watch her dropping “f-bombs” throughout her lines. Roberts is given the least to do as a stereotypical rebellious teenager, but still delivers some big laughs. But it’s Poulter as the awkward virgin that really steals the show. Looking like a grown-up version of Dennis the Menace, his facial expressions and comedic line deliveries are hilarious.

millers2“We’re the Millers” does venture a little too close to sappyland, but fortunately avoids delving into too much schmaltz by delivering another “f-word” “s-word” combo right before crossing the line into “very special episode” territory. I had a great time with this film, and while it’s not as funny as “This is the End,” it’s a solid comedy that ends the summer season on a high note. Oh, and be sure to stay for the bloopers during the end credits as well. They provide a nice encore of laughs that will have you leave the theater smiling.

“We’re the Millers,” 110 minutes, is Rated R and is currently playing in theaters.