Nonstop Movies: HIFF recap

It was another successful year for the Hawaii International Film Festival. Although I enjoyed some movies more than others, having a chance to see such diverse films from around the world is what makes events like HIFF so special and necessary. I’m a big fan of Asian films, so I often watch popular films from that region. But if it weren’t for HIFF, I wouldn’t have been able to see flicks from other countries such as “Headhunters,” “Elite Squad” or independent domestic films like “Knots.”

I’m truly appreciative of all the efforts of the entire HIFF team. Although DVDs were available for many of the films, I chose to see them on the big screen. There’s just something about the movie-going experience that can’t be replicated at home on the sofa.

Here are short reviews of the eight films I saw at this year’s HIFF. I’m already counting the days to the spring showcase.

‘Kaasan, Mom’s Life’

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HIFF started with a sneak preview of “Kaasan, Mom’s Life.”

Despite strong performances, I couldn’t quite get over the TV movie of the week storyline and inconsistent tone of the film. Check out my full review here.

I also had an awesome time attending HIFF as a media representative for the first time. Although I preferred to watch films instead of attending the fancy parties, I did have a chance to meet people like “Surrogate Valentine” star and songwriter Goh Nakamura, and “Knots” director Michael Kang, who remembered me on Twitter the next day. I also interviewed the fabulous Tamlyn Tomita, who turned out to be as cool as can be. I’m grateful for the experiences and look forward to more in the future. Here’s the video of my interview with Tamlyn if you haven’t seen it.