New(ish) eats: Nabeya Maido


Is there room for another nabe/hotpot spot in town? There are several, just in a five-mile radius in metro Honolulu. The latest is Nabeya Maido in Market City Shopping Center, which opened in December. I wouldn’t normally go, but radio guy Devon Nekoba asked me to check it out because his brother-in-law owns it. (No disclosure here; we paid full price.)

I went on a weeknight with fellow foodie friends Sean and Lena Morris to check it out. They’re both very Japanese, so they are helpful in helping me understand traditional Japanese eats and the flavors behind them. Here’s what we ate:

Nabeya Maido

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Nabeya Maido is located on the Kapiolani Boulevard side of Market City, where the robata sushi used to be. If you go on a weeknight, parking is easy and the restaurant is fairly empty.

Nabeya Maido
2919 Kapiolani Blvd.

What goes into the omakase? Kevin Suehiro tells us: