New twists: Mochi treats

Mochi treats

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By Mari Taketa

New Year’s may be a fading pop and sizzle in your memory, but there is a place for mochi the rest of the year. At least you hope so, if you have a couple of bags from your aunty or neighbor sitting in your freezer.

Never fear, Nonstop is here for you yet again. This time, we used our test kitchens to come up with new twists on mochi that are yum enough to not only warrant a raid on the freezer, but go to the store and buy some. Japanese groceries like Don Quijote sell bags of individually wrapped dried mochi that will keep pretty much forever in your pantry.

And just so we’re clear, there’s way more to mochi prep than just boiling. You can pop the white discs in the micro (set it on high for 22 to 25 seconds, depending on your machine, then stand ready to hit the stop button when it reaches near-explosive proportions), fry in butter, or try my favorite way…