Meet Melissa Chang: New Site, New Blog


Yes, it’s official: I have a new blog. There’s been a lot of movement in Honolulu lately, both physically and virtually, and this is where a big part of my virtual presence will be.


A lot of people have mentioned that they wish they had my (blogging) job, so I want to be clear: This is a volunteer effort. Most of the time, I pay my own way to go to the restaurants and events that I talk about. The rest of the time, I’m lucky to have a friend pay for me. But outside of that—make no mistake—I don’t get paid to blog, and I never have.


At first I did it to learn the science behind the art so I could pitch bloggers on my public relations projects. Then I realized it was a vehicle for promoting my events at Aloha Tower when I worked there. Then I started getting regular readers!! Suddenly, I had to keep up!


It’s been so amazing to hear from you and be able to share my adventures with you for the past three years. Once the dust has settled around here, I hope to be regular again and be able to discover more interesting people, places, and places to share. Keep reading, keep writing, and we’ll be seeing more of each other online!