New, Local Makeup at J Salon

We love the mix of wear-everywhere shades and pops of fun color.


Sculptures and you got off to a rocky start.
Frescoes totally drive you up the wall.
And performance art? Eep.


So you're not getting your work into the Met anytime soon, but you're totally an artiste in your own way. The palettes of your craft? Lipsticks tubes and shadow pots. And, honestly? You are a master.


Obviously, masters want to stay as relevant as possible so they don't Gogh and do something drastic (we want to keep our ears, thank you very much). That means always being on the lookout for the next inspiration, and we think we've found yours. Take a gander at the work of art that is J Salon's new makeup line, released at the tail end of last year.


When Gerry Brown joined the J Salon team earlier in 2014 as the only resident makeup artist, she and owner Joe Randazzo had a stroke of genius to create a special line of cosmetics designed to satisfy their customers' unique needs. The result is a collection of everything from glosses and eyeshadows to mascaras and foundations. Brown and Randazzo researched dozens of companies and tested oodles of products to find the high-quality masterpieces they were looking for. Think versatile cream blushes and deep shadows in a spectrum perfect for trendy, sun-kissed, Island fashionistas. And, because we know you like to paint your face with products from the safe end of the spectrum, this line is paraben-free, hypoallergenic, allergy-tested and fragrance-free (except for the lipsticks, which have a hint of vanilla).


Brown and Randazzo are constantly adding to the line as well, with fresh and fun colors that are just aching to be your next beauty muse. The latest addition to the color story? Full-coverage vinyl lip lacquer in bright red, sizzling orange and on-trend soft plum.


Looks like your beauty style is about to go through a little Renaissance.


Available at J Salon, 210 Ward Ave. Call 550-4441 for more information.