New food truck: Aloha Bowls

It's not acai bowl business as usual at Aloha Bowls, a truck that dishes out our favorite blended super fruit. There's the Aloha Bowl ($9), a happy marriage of coconut and acai, topped with coconut sorbet and toasted coconut flakes. The Classic Bowl ($7) piles up healthy amounts of fruit (banana, strawberry, blueberry) and tops it with more nutrition in the form of bee pollen.

Got goji? The Beach Bowl ($8) does, with goji berries sitting pretty on a creamier acai concoction blended with soy milk.

The only problem: This truck is a bit elusive, popping up for special events and occasionally at Kakaako Park on Tuesdays. Aloha Bowls' goal is to become a vendor at Kaimana Beach. (How great would that be: a post-swim acai bowl on the beach!?) In the meantime, follow them on Instagram (alohabowls) to see where they are.